Azure AD Identity Secure Score

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud-based services and platforms, securing identities is becoming more challenging. To address this concern, Microsoft offers a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution – Azure AD. Azure AD has a wide range of security features designed to safeguard identities and regulate access to resources. One of these features is the … Read more

Azure AD Access Reviews

Azure AD Access reviews are a vital component of Microsoft Entra Identity Governance capabilities, and they are essential for maintaining a secure environment. Identity Governance provides organizations with the means to ensure proper management of digital identities through: Access lifecycle management (Azure AD Access Reviews) Identity lifecycle management Privileged access for administrators Azure AD offers a … Read more

Identity lifecycle

  What is Identity Lifecycle and why is Identity governance administration (IGA) an important component of Identity and Access Management (IAM)? IAM enables the secure and efficient management of digital identities while Identity Lifecycle  strikes a balance between security and employee productivity by addressing key issues such as user access and visibility. With its capability … Read more