Cloud Misconfigurations and Attack Vectors

Picture a swiftly expanding tech start-up company, Innovatech, shifting its operations to the cloud so as to optimise the scalability and efficiency of cloud computing. The switch was painless and the gains were immediate. However, after a few months Innovatech suffered from a bad data breach. What was its source? It was simply an oversight … Read more

AI’s role in Cybersecurity

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, it’s becoming increasingly evident that artificial intelligence (AI) is set to make a profound impact on our daily lives. If you once questioned whether AI was just a fleeting trend, recent breakthroughs have likely erased those doubts. The rise of innovative AI tools, such as the impressive generative model … Read more

Hoxhunt – Phishing Training

I often write about various techniques we can adopt to secure identities and uphold security best practices. This includes implementing authentication methods like Conditional Access policies and emphasizing the significance of companies adopting and maintaining the principle of Least Privilege, not to forget the importance of Zero Trust. These measures play a vital role in … Read more

Mastering Cloud Security

A Guide to Azure’s Advanced Protection In today’s fast-paced world of cloud technology, ensuring top-notch security is a must. As you and many other organizations shift towards cloud-based solutions, grasping and putting into action effective security measures is essential. In this guide, I’m taking you through the essentials of cloud security, highlighting the importance of … Read more