Microsoft Entra certificate-based authentication

This post stands out because I’ve recently experienced a profound shift. It’s as if someone suddenly pulled back the blinds, and I’m seeing everything in a whole newperspective. You see, I’ve been navigating through the murky waters of cybersecurity, constantly dealing with passwords and avoiding phishing emails. Kind of like playing dodgeball where the stakes … Read more

How to manage Entra ID Stale Devices

More often than not, when we refer to Identity lifecycle management, it’s usually in connection with users in our tenants and almost never devices associated with these user profiles. An identity lifecycle refers to the entire process that begins when a user’s digital identity is created and assigned access to resources. This also includes physical … Read more

Checklist to protect your Microsoft 365 Identities

As Microsoft 365 evolves with the integration of new features such as Microsoft Co-pilot, and Premium features spanning across different services, the threat of sophisticated cyberattacks is escalating. Hence, it is super important that we fully comprehend the security measures available within Microsoft’s ecosystem, and use these to our advantage to protect our Microsoft 365 … Read more

Zero Trust Architecture in Microsoft Azure

  In today’s digital age, marked by the growing sophistication of security breaches and cyberattacks, the conventional ‘trust but verify’ model in cybersecurity seems obsolete. That’s where the Zero Trust Architecture comes into play, especially when in cloud environments like Microsoft Azure. As someone embedded in the world of cloud security, I’ve seen firsthand how … Read more

Unified Portal: Defender XDR, Security Copilot & Sentinel

Managing security in multi-cloud environments just got easier, thanks to Microsoft’s latest update. They’ve introduced a unified experience in the Microsoft Defender portal, combining SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and XDR (Extended Detection and Response). Say goodbye to navigating between SIEM, EDR, and Threat Intelligence systems. Now, all your security data is accessible in … Read more

Microsoft Entra and Security Copilot

Microsoft Entra serves as a comprehensive tool designed to protect organizations from cyber threats, provide secure access to all resources, and enable employees to work from anywhere. The recent unveiling of exciting new features and capabilities at Microsoft Ignite 2023 signifies Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing secure access in the era of artificial intelligence. Here are … Read more

Enhancing Your Security with Microsoft’s New Managed Conditional Access Policies

  In a world where cyberthreats are ever-evolving, security is paramount. And Microsoft is stepping up to the plate by introducing a set of new Microsoft-managed Conditional Access policies designed to bolster your defense against potential cyberattacks. These policies are part of a broader initiative aimed at fortifying security and ensuring the protection of your … Read more

Multi-tenant architecture

Multi-tenant architecture- what is? Multi-tenant architecture comes with several benefits. Multi-tenancy or Multi-tenant architecture is an architecture where multiple tenants share the same physical instance of the application. Cloud providers use multi-tenancy to manage multiple customers on the same infrastructure, and this is the basis for the economic benefits and elasticity of the public cloud. … Read more

Conditional Access Policies review and update plan

In this blog post I’ll write down my recommendations on how to effectively come up with Conditional access policies review and update plan to enhance the security of your environment. Someone recently asked me how they can assess if their current policies still serve their organization’s security needs and this got me thinking. Most companies … Read more